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    • Thank you.

      This condo is slightly larger. Two bedrooms upstairs about same size as Auburn Way but two bathrooms. Also downstairs with a half bath.

      As far as Ruidoso market goes, best I can tell it is fairly stable with prices and inventory. My realtor told me she has been quite busy and expected it to slow down after the New Year but it kept going. However, I also don’t see evidence of bidding wars or similar behavior. As a buyer, it seems like the largest market is houses or land – and condos are a smaller portion. Even so, I kept seeing new places pop up periodically. The prices themselves are at a lower level than urban areas. Still possible to find places less than $100/sf. When I compare what I paid for Auburn Way in 1997, I paid less per square foot in Ruidoso in 2021 – and I expect the prices have gone up considerably for Auburn Way since then.

      The prices are

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